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About Stephen Bittle and TerraNova Corporation

Stephen Bittel is the chairman, president, and co-founder of TerraNova Corporation. He launched this firm in 1980 and focused on real estate projects in the United States. The company is focused in areas of Miami and Florida.

Bittle has aided the company’s growth from a small start-up to a global corporation. Terranova is now regarded as one of Florida’s best law firms. Stephen Bittlel has used his company to support the less fortunate in society by doing charity work. Bittle serves on the Board of Directors of Jackson Memorial Hospital Foundation besides being a co-founder of Terranova. Since he is a native English speaker, he was appointed to this position.

Bittle is also a member of the Miami Chambers of Commerce’s board of trustees. During his time as a trustee at the Miami Chambers of Commerce in 2009 and 2010, he assisted in the execution and oversight of activities and ensured the smooth running of operatios within the organization. He is currently helping Teach’s America Miami board in making decisions. In 1978, he enrolled at Bowdoin College and graduated. To further his education, Bittle enrolled at the University of Miami School of Law. His operations relied heavily on the skills he acquired while studying law.

Stephen Bittle founded TerraNova in 1980. It provides Florida residents with real estate advice. It started with only a few workers and has since expanded to over 150. Its staff is in charge of selling the company’s services as well as graphic design. It has made a $1 billion real estate investment. Stephen Bittle’s partnership with other businesses has aided his company’s expansion. As a result, efficiency and productivity have improved.

Stephen Bittle’s contribution to the improvement of Carolina’s health care system is also noteworthy. Parkinson’s disease is one of the most feared illnesses that affect people of all ages and backgrounds. Bittle has urged the government to work hand in hand with Parkinson’s Foundation to find the right solution to this problem.

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