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 Academy Of Art University Admissions Rep: Your Guide For All Your Transfer Needs

Several factors may have influenced your school choice, but you can always transfer. Transferring schools might seem risky, but you need not worry because I have the perfect solution for you.

Speak To The Admissions Rep

An admission rep is responsible for ensuring that you don’t experience any hardships during the admission process. Here at Academy of Art University, our admission reps are the best in the field. Our admissions reps have successfully been helping students transfer with ease by providing them with all the figures and facts to help the student make the right decisions.

Here are 5 reasons that cause students to worry about transferring schools and why it’s helpful to speak to the admissions rep.

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1. Loss Of Credits

Suppose you selected the wrong school or major. In that case, the admissions rep here at Academy of Art University could take you through how your credits from a none art-related major can be transferred to credits in the academy. And if your courses don’t align with the major, they’ll be transferred as electives you’ll need to graduate.

2. Picking The Wrong Major Again

The admissions reps will ensure that you have all the information about the major you would like to transfer to, and they will be with you, helping you make the decision. They will also answer any questions and offer suggestions if you need them.

3. Selecting The Right Major

At Academy of Arts University, our admissions rep will ensure that you have all the information and help you need to pick the right major.

4. The Culture Fit

At Academy of Art University, we pride ourselves in ensuring that we offer the right environment you need to thrive. Our admission reps will inform you about the student body, clubs, and organizations where you can meet people with the same interests as you.

5. Convincing Your Family

The admission rep will help guide you in making an informed decision and explaining it to your family. They will offer your family testimonials on how the university sets up its graduates for success in the real world.

I know transferring may be a hard choice to make, but our admissions reps will be there with you offering you help and guidance.