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Author Solutions Becomes The Sole Answer To Authors’ Publishing Problems

Author Solutions, which was formed in 1997 has been for many years posed to be the sole champion for authors’ rights. True to its words, the firm has finally released figures that show the immense work the firm’s staff has been doing behind the curtains. For many people who read books whether from the bookstore at the next street or online bookstore, they have no idea the tedious job behind the publishing of the book. Nonetheless, Author Solutions has released a report on its latest works.

In part, the report indicates that Author Solutions has helped over a quarter a million independent publishers write, edit, and publish their various works. The report goes on to mention another interesting thing when it says that hitherto, it has helped that number of independent authors release over 300k publications through its various offices across the world.

Over the years since it was incepted, Author Solutions has enabled independent authors see their dreams come through. For instance, some authors hoped that at one point, their books would be turned into something else. Thankfully, that is now happening. Some of the works that have been published through Author Solutions have seen the light of the day by being turned into TV talk shows. Other books have been redone into documentaries, movies, and even TV programs.

Perhaps, the biggest thing Author Solutions has done to publishers is giving them the ability to take charge of their various works. For instance, when AS introduced AuthorCentric, which gives authors full control of their works, something that guards against any manipulation and stealing of one’s copyright, it came as a shock to independent publishers.

A few months later, Author Solutions introduced yet other resources that are aimed at helping authors learn, edit, manage their various works. These resources include iUniverse and Author Learning Center. See this page on Instagram, for related information.


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