Build Fitness Through Beachbody

BeachBodyWith more than 50% of Americans categorized as overweight or obese, people need a convenient, non-judgmental way to lose weight and eat nutritiously. Carl Daikeler is on a lifelong mission to make this happen. At the beginning of his career, he served as a producer for entertainment in the NFL’s halftime show department. He followed those five years of service up with eight years of production in the infomercial industry. His work in those two industries showed him that while people have a lot of interest in fitness, eating well and losing weight, they need a method that is convenient and motivational.

In 1998, Carl Daikeler and a co-founder developed Beachbody. The program launched as a DVD collection with individual workouts that anybody could do at home any time with almost no equipment. People loved having this option, and demand grew for a wider range of workouts. Daikeler made more than 300 of them by 2015, when he launched the Beachbody on Demand system. This streaming service proved critical during the global health situation of 2020. When people couldn’t go to the gym even if they wanted to, they knew they could rely on Beachbody on Demand for invigorating workouts in the safety and privacy of their own homes. The addition of the OpenFit app in 2018 further expanded the ability of people to connect with each other and coordinate their plans with coaches and other individuals.

Carl Daikeler

Carl Daikeler has always noted the importance of a nutritious diet. He admits he doesn’t like vegetables and used to go out of his way to avoid them. Even so, he knows they’re important for digestive health, creating a sense of fullness in the belly and reducing the risk of overeating at meals. He also knows that the combination of protein and fiber does a great job at creating a sensation of a full stomach. Shakeology is the nutritional component of Carl Daikeler’s Beachbody program. The Shakeology protein powders have a vegan option and a why option. When paired with any plant or dairy milk, they create a sweet and filling meal substitute.