Chip Rosenbloom’s “Bronco Billy”

Bronco Billy The Musical is a recently produced stage musical based on the 1980s film of the same name, minus the “musical” part. Chip Rosenbloom is the same producer who brought us “Shiloh” “Red Ribbon Blues”, “Confessions of a Sexist Pig”, and a list of many other classics. The story takes place in 1979, during some of America’s most confusing political eras and technology failure. The plot is about a man named Bronco Billy living in America’s Wild West who manages and stars in a traveling circus with his group of misfit friends, encountering many failures, victories, and distractions amid all their travels. A dramatic musical comedy with an emotional touch, the play has thus far received a lot of excellent reviews from all over the globe.

The musical, in accordance with the film, is a roller coaster of funny mishaps and serious encounters, all put together to perfectly portray the story. However, the play, while keeping to the same general story line, is quite a different experience, mostly due to the addition of a catchy soundtrack and the hilarious demand and encouragement for audience participation. Although the show takes place in the Wild West, the music is disco themed. Rosenbloom teamed up with John Torres to write the lyrics and music for the play, and somehow managed to incorporate the sound of early eighties disco into the life and times of a Wild West circus, a feat that fits the concept of the show quite perfectly.