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ClearObject Partners with Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

ClearObject is a digital products developer. It uses Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and data analytics to design digital products. Through it, entrepreneurs can convert data into profitable businesses. Recently, it partnered with IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis). The partnership will broaden Artificial Intelligence research at IUPUI. The agreement requires it to Provide IUPUI with the following.

Provide Use Cases for The University’s AI Curriculum

ClearObject will be providing the Institute of Integrative AI with machines. It will also supply the university with use cases. The new use cases will be part of the Integrative AI curriculum studied at IUPUI. The curriculum will benefit students in the following departments. The Science department, the Informatics & Computing department, and the Engineering & Technology department.

ClearObject Will Offer IUPUI’s Students and Staff with Industry Experience

It will be providing IUPUI’s students and staff members with industry experience. It is also required to avail internship opportunities to these students. IUPUI’s new partner will also be providing students with on-campus conferences. According to Ben Frame, the partnership gives it access to AI expertise. It plans to use this knowledge to expand its operations in the future.

Design A New Bachelor’s Degree Program in Artificial Intelligence

With the help of their new partner, IUPUI will design a new bachelor’s degree in AI. The course will allow students to undertake projects outside their lecture rooms. In the past, it has partnered with Google Cloud and IBM Watson IoT. It’s willing to provide the IUPUI with machines and educational programs. It will also avail internship opportunities for the university’s students. ClearObject has something to gain from this partnership. It will have unlimited access to Artificial Intelligence knowledge. The knowledge will be essential in the growth of the company and more