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From Analog to Digital and Beyond: Ross Levinsohn’s Leadership Story

Ross LevinsohnImagine the 1980s. Big hair and power rock ballads were all the rage. Television options were expanding, and newspapers still held sway over the American public. This is the era when Ross Levinsohn graduated from college with a communications degree. During the course of his career, the world changed rapidly. With nimble insight and decisive moves, Levinsohn was able to move from the analog world into the modern digital landscape.

The first major move Ross Levinsohn made was during his tenure at CBS Sportsline. He rose to the position of Vice President in the 1990s. In this capacity, he was able to get a sense of the changing media dynamic. While some of his colleagues resisted change, Levinsohn embraced it. With enthusiasm for the future of digital technology, he eventually landed at Fox Interactive Media in the early 2000s. Here, he served as President, and he guided the company to more digital outlets and established Fox as a powerhouse in the burgeoning digital space.

Ross Levinsohn had shown his worth as a leader with digital media. However, all his skills were put to the test when he agreed to a temporary position at Yahoo. Yahoo was in total disarray at the time and teetered on the brink of insolvency. Other leaders had failed to help the digital media giant correct course, but with a short stint, Levinsohn was able to provide critical guidance. Yahoo recovered as a company, and Levinsohn continued his upward trajectory.

After serving at Guggenheim Digital Media and founding Whisper Advisors, Ross Levinsohn took another leap forward with Maven. He had worked at Maven to direct Sports Illustrated, one of its key properties. However, Levinsohn’s work was so good that Maven made the bold decision to ask Levinsohn to take over complete control of the company. Maven announced Levinsohn’s hire as CEO in the summer of 2020.

It is hard to predict what the future will look like. However, it is clear that digital media is only going to become more important to the world. Companies that thrive will have leaders like Levinsohn to help them along.