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Haroldo Jacobovicz Discusses His Must-Dos for Entrepreneurship Success

All entrepreneurs aim for success when they are launching their startups. However, for an entrepreneur to achieve their full potential in the business sector, they must experience a couple of failures along the way. Haroldo Jacobovicz, the legendary Brazilian tech entrepreneur and the founder of Horizons Telecom, the country’s top telecommunications company, understands this better than anyone else. His first tech company, Microsystem, offered inventory management automation solutions shut down within its first year. According to Haroldo, the failure of his first entrepreneurial attempt has significantly contributed to his prosperous entrepreneurial career as it opened his eyes to how not to fail. Not so long ago, the Horizons Telecom founder was interviewed, and he discussed his must-dos for entrepreneurial success.

Do sufficient planning and preparations

Haroldo Jacobovicz mentioned that one mistake that many entrepreneurs make is launching their enterprises, hoping to figure things out as they move along. This opens up numerous avenues for them to fail as they tend to get many things wrong during the first year. He said that in his experience, entrepreneurs and business leaders need to do sufficient planning and preparations before launching a new venture. This means they will have enough time to develop a bulletproof success strategy. Additionally, they will learn a lot more about their business line; thus, they will maximize their ability to identify and avoid mistakes that can lead to their failure.

Building discipline

Haroldo Jacobovicz said that entrepreneurs should do everything they can to build their discipline in their pursuit of success. He pointed out that the closer they get o success, the more distractions they are likely to face. Without the backing of solid discipline, the upcoming business leaders could easily be swept off track – making it more difficult for them to become successful. Haroldo Jacobovicz stated that there are numerous ways that business leaders can train themselves to be disciplined but finding a sport and exercising daily are the best practices.

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