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Heath Ritenour-CEO, Cancer Survivor, Leader (Article Recap)


Insurance Office of America is among the leading insurance companies in the US. It was started in 1988 by John Ritenour and his wife. The company is privately owned, and that is how he passed his leadership to his son. Heath Ritenour started working in IOA as an agent and worked his way up to being a CEO and then the chairman in 2019. Currently, IOA is number 11 in terms of the largest insurance companies and is growing fast. During his tenure, Heath has made several changes to how insurance companies operate. Though they are not so welcome by other insurance companies, they have proven crucial to succeed in this sector.

The old insurance system requires a customer to avail themselves in the insurance offices. Also, they have to fill up so many questions with so much information to give, usually 50-70, which may take a client close to an hour to finish. Next, the company takes a lot of time going through the answers to verify if one qualifies to get the insurance. On top of that, the customer also has to wait more time to receive the insurance.

Heath Ritenour has managed to provide a solution to this by the use of technology. IOA has come up with Simply IOA, which is a software that customers use to apply for insurance. It allows one to access the service from anywhere in the country without necessarily going to the offices. Also, through automation, it fills in information about a client with data already in public. The customer fills in their name and date of birth, and the software fills the rest.

To add to that, IOA has put up technology that allows the company to have a personal touch with its clients, such as zoom calls, phone calls, and live chats. One can get an answer from anywhere in the country. Also, the questions get answered since many agents are waiting to answer the questions. It has simplified the whole process, and one can access information very fast.

What is more, Heath Ritenour is working with other insurance companies providing insurance to specific sectors. For instance, IOA has collaborated with Zenith Insurance Company which ensures restaurant owners have created Zenia Insures. The plan is to work with other sectors too.

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