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Jake Medwell Speaks to Freightwaves

Pitchbook has released its 2020 supply chain tech update, with freight tech evolving quickly. This version primarily covers the trends that investments are taking and how freight tech grows in various sectors. Among the best performing tech firms in this release is 8VC. Essentially, 8VC is a venture capital tech firm based in San Fr

Jake Medwell and others founded the firm to help in bringing about disruptive technology to the freight industry. As an operating mantra, 8VC believes that emerging technology will replace the obsolete platforms that currently run many industries. It is also the belief of 8VC that this replacement will bring about better global prosperity and increased innovation.

With its major transportation and massive capital inflows, the logistics industry informs the differentiated investment strategy at 8VC. Essentially, the company has developed a portfolio of assets that value approximately $3.5 billion. With a big focus on management, the company has invested in health care, logistics, Bio-IT, and other systems.

Speaking to Freightwaves, Jake Medwell intimated that he has been investing in freight tech since 2015 using 8VC’s vintage financing. Jake told Freightwaves that they had developed close relationships with tremendous players in the industry and other strategic avenues to help them understand the industry at all levels. Additionally, to ensure that the investments are well managed, Jake said that they engage the companies at deeper levels to evaluate how the investment is performing.

Jake Medwell is an entrepreneur whose interests are majorly invested in scaling and building companies through ventures. He is behind the 8VC venture capitalist firm, where he helps consumer and enterprise firms get technology to run their businesses.

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