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John Ritenour’s Opinion on Home Based Workforce

The global pandemic posed a significant challenge to the world of business. Mainly forcing the labor force to operate from their homes tested the flexibility factor of companies as such a shift would require time for enough planning. Nevertheless, this dispute raised a discussion because afterward, people noticed that it is an opportunity and can get exploited for the company’s good despite it coming in as a challenge.

John Ritenour, an innovator in the industry of insurance and co founder of the Insurance Office of America (IOA), contributing to this matter, noted that the advantage of having workers at home could get categorized into three sections they touch.

Accordingly, he says that the employer saves money that would get channeled to spaces. Employees are motivated better while working from home due to convenience; thus, the employer gains increased employee productivity. See This Article. Working from home reduces sick leave cases and expands the market for sourcing the best employees because of removing the location barrier.

The employees are the other section that John Ritenour described to benefit from this matter. Primarily they also save money they would otherwise invest in transportation to work. Their health also improves because working from home allows them to work with less stress and anxiety.

Finally, John Ritenour distinguished that a home-based workforce generally impacts its benefits to the world. Reducing emissions and accidents from vehicles solves a lot of problems globally.

However, he has also recognized challenges associated with this shift, but also he has provided possible solutions for the same. Distraction from family and pets might happen, but secluding a relatable working place can solve this. Promoting the work culture from home is hard. Although the present technology is equipped enough, it can get things solved. John Ritenour believes that this is a venture for most businesses, even post the pandemic.