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Liu Qiangdong is a Rich and Flourishing Businessman

Richard Liu, the founder of Inc., a top e-commerce company in China, is a visionary and cutting-edge entrepreneur. He was born on the 10th of March 1973 in Suqian. He is a Sociology degree holder from the People’s University of China. Richard Liu spent most of his time learning computer programming as he was interested in the growth of the internet, which was still new at the time. He is a rich and flourishing businessman who has transformed electronic stores into online businesses. He has continued to grow his net worth and that of over the years. He is often seen as jeff Bezos, a billionaire and founder of Amazon.

His business which he began in 1998 in a Beijing storefront selling magneto-optical products such as CD ROMs, increased in five years. In 2003 he had 12 storefronts in Beijing and Shanghai. Jindong’s future growth was threatened by the SARS outbreak in China, which stagnated his expansion. He then saw an opportunity in the growing internet steadily growing to reach one billion users worldwide. In 2004 he began his e-retail platform selling magneto-optical products and soon diversified to sell electronics, phones, etc. The name was changed to in 2007 by Liu, and in 2013 he changed it to, which is the present name. is among the two biggest B2C online retailers in China. It is a Fortune Global member and also a competitor to Alibaba.

Since it was founded, has become a leading high-tech company. It has joined tech companies in China in developing self-driving cars. In the Summer of 2014, the company began trading on the Nasqad. It had an active customer base of more than 220 million people and not less than 150,000 employees in 2017, with almost $54 billion in revenues and an estimated net worth of not less than $58 billion. Following Alibaba, is the second-largest e-commerce business in China.

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