Loretta Kryshak Receives Gwen T. Jackson Honor for her COVID-19 Relief Effort

The Kryshak family, in collaboration with Rebel Reform, manufactures disinfecting wipes used in hospitals. The family of a father, mother, daughter, and son named; Michael, Loretta, Thaddeus, and Violet respectively have contributed to fighting the coronavirus crisis, thereby given a Gwen Jackson Award. On behalf of the family, Loretta received the honor of the venture.

Loretta Kryshak stated that the Rebel Reform volunteers help others and said that one’s behavior depends heavily on the people around. Associating with MaskUpMKE and United Way were the best partners the company and the family could boast of.

Loretta also pinpoints her family’s participation in the coronavirus problem because Thaddeus discovered a solution in the initial stages when face masks were inadequate. Loretta states that 2020 was marred with controversies, challenges as well as devastation. She confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic got the number of infected people exponentially increasing.

Many places across the globe had PPE and face mask shortages. Thaddeus had just graduated from the University of Miami, majoring in engineering and physics. He discovered that the family establishment, Rebel Reform, was using similar materials to N95 masks to manufacture the disinfecting wipes.

The company realized that with the disinfecting cloth, a fold, and scissors, a face mask could be made to function sufficiently like the best version in the mask, N95. Therefore, Rebel Converting began making materials needed for manufacturing over 1 million masks. However, they wanted voluntary manufacturers and distributors to the needy people.

Violet oversaw MaskUpMKE and the social media movement that enabled volunteer recruitment for the initiative. These volunteers emphasized the need for staying put at home, wearing masks as well as serious hand washing. The family’s efforts drew several organizations to the project as well.