Matthew Fleeger Dallas Investing in Modern Means of Oil and Gas Exploration

Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger Dallas serves as the managing director of the Gulf Coast Western. This is an oil and gas production firm based in the Gulf Coast region. Since the year 1970, the company has been using manual methods to extract and identify gas and oil sources in different parts of the world.

Most of the company’s oil and gas sources are located in the Gulf Coast area based in the United States of America. The Gulf Coast Western works in strategic partnership ventures using its diversified network to acquire a large oil and gas exploration area to get significant returns in the business.

The company has begun venturing into the use of advanced methods of oil and gas exploration. Some of the exploration means currently used includes seismic survey, horizontal drilling, and other latest technologies. Among the means mentioned above, horizontal drilling is said to be the most convenient.

Horizontal drilling is cost-effective used to extract natural gas from the earth’s surface. This method of exploration involves drilling horizontally through the sandstones on the ground. But, this has diverse impacts on the environment, although it generates a lot of natural gas compared to other methods.

According to researchers, drilling a well vertically in the ground is tedious since there are many rocks to pass through before accessing the natural gas sources. Also, it is damaging to the environment since it leaves enormous wells on the ground that are not favorable to the environment’s well-being.

Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger Dallas has dramatically invested in horizontal drilling since it has no effects on the environment. This means only allows the drillers to go through the ground [in consideration with the geographical features without affecting part of the land or water that is along with the driller.

On the other hand, the seismic survey uses the sound waves that can evaluate the availability of any rock in the ground that can either produce oil or natural gas. This means of extraction is favorable to the well-being of the environment and produces a larger natural gas amount. It also eliminates the guesswork that existed earlier in the oil and gas exploration sector.