Maven Has a New CEO in Ross Levinsohn

Ross LevinsohnWhen it comes to media and technology executives, Ross Levinsohn has had a long run in leadership roles. At heart, Levinsohn is an entrepreneur. That’s how his career took off. He and another graduate from American University started a production business in 1985. After selling it in 1989, Levinsohn worked in marketing and promotions at Time Warner Sports and in production at SportsLine. He assisted with the planning of a portal launch at Alta Vista in 1999.

In 2001, Levinsohn received his first management opportunity. He was a general manager of Fox Interactive Sports Media, primarily focused on branding. He rose through the ranks there, eventually becoming the CEO of the whole organization by 2004. In 2006, he parted ways with the corporation in order to go back to his roots of entrepreneurship. The agency he co-founded, 5to1, did so well that it was bought out by Yahoo for more than $28 million. His co-founder, James Heckman, went on to another entrepreneurial effort by founding Maven, Inc.

From 2010 to 2012, Levinsohn worked as an executive then interim CEO at Yahoo. Throughout the 2010s, he served in additional executive roles. His leadership was valued at a diverse array of organizations, including Tribune Publishing, Boston Consulting Group, Los Angeles Times and Scout Productions. During these years, Ross Levinsohn also found the time to found two additional businesses of his own. He also offered advisory and consulting services.

Heckman reached out to Levinsohn in 2019. Maven, Inc. was rapidly growing. It had purchased more than 300 websites and printed publications. Sports Illustrated was the newest item in its repertoire, and Heckman wanted Levinsohn to be in charge of it. Levinsohn’s experience in journalism and online properties made him a natural choice. Levinsohn grew the brand’s reach and expanded its readership to include more young readers and more women.

By the middle of 2020, Heckman decided it was time to retire from his CEO role. He wanted Levinsohn to take over. Ross Levinsohn became just the second executive at Maven in August 2020. He’s doing well in the role and has more acquisitions planned.