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Michael Capiraso Expands the New York Road Runners to the Jersey City

Michael Capiraso is a business role model and the managing director of the New York Road Runners, also known as NYRR. The NYRR is the most prominent marathon organizer in the United States and the entire globe. The organization is responsible for the management of the TCS New York City Marathon.

Recently, Capiraso announced that the NYRR is expanding its outreach to different parts of the Hudson River to the New Jersey. The expansion will begin with a five kilometers marathon to the Jersey City during spring.Later, the organization will venture into hosting races and open runs. The program mainly targets the youth in the Jersey City.

Capiraso added that the race would begin in early May, starting with five-kilometer races. Since the CEO of the NYRR is a native of Jersey City, he has participated in numerous programs that aim to uplift the Jersey City’s well-being. The expansion of the marathon program to this region aims to elevate its performance in sports.

The expansion of NYRR works as an inspiration to those individuals who do not have a platform to showcase their running talent. To be precise, the marathon will begin on May 4th at 5:00 pm with start and the end mark at the Washington street that is closer to the Newport Station. The registration to the sports is already ongoing.

The New York Road Runners was established in 1958. It has been hosting running events in the Jersey City, but this is the last time it is making a step into the Garden State. Michael Capiraso said that the organization is planning on making a running program throughout the year to be hosted in the Jersey City.

By the end of April, the New York Road Runners will formulate an open run program hosted in Lincoln Park in Jersey. This will help to transform the region through sports. Learn  more: