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 Michael Capiraso Plans to Use his Role as the Advisor and Shareholder of JoggingBuddy to Continue Evolving the Platform

Michael Capiraso was recently appointed as the advisor and shareholder of JoggingBuddy. Delivering his speech at the board, the former CEO of the New York Road Runners expressed his delight and satisfaction about joining JoggingBuddy. Michael also praised Tony Piedade, the founder, and CEO of the jogging platform, plus his team for their zeal in promoting running, jogging and walking with a support system that helps support fitness and good health.

Tony Piedade was also happy that Michael Capiraso joined his team and stated his wealth of experience and vision would enable JoggingBuddy to remain focused on assisting millions of people team up with each other to stay fit. Michael has taken part in over 28 consecutive New York City marathons, and this is why he decided to join the JoggingBuddy project. The platform offers free services and allows users to sign up to find a running friend or group within the neighborhood. Although JoggingBuddy started small, it has grown to accommodate people in over 130 countries.

The major motivation behind creating JoggingBuddy was to ensure that runners remained committed to exercising even after several months. Researchers found out that having a running partner provides accountability and makes running quite enjoyable. After signing up for an account at this platform, users can choose whom they would like to train with, their fitness goals, and determine whether they are beginners or experienced joggers. Users can choose to use the free account, where they search for their jogging partners manually, or they can apply for an annual membership at $12 per year or a lifetime membership at $40. The latter allows users to enjoy the benefits of the free account, plus send and receive friend requests and receive email alerts when someone in the same area registers.

JoggingBuddy gives you the option of finding a running partner when you travel and even when walking, running, or jogging on the road. The platform has a blog titled Running Advice, where users can find inspiring stories and tips on running apparel to wear. As an advisor and Chairman at JoggingBuddy, Michael Capiraso will advise CEO Tony Piedade on continually expanding the jogging platform. As a shareholder, Michael holds a financial stake at JoggingBuddy, and he will continue to put his best foot forward to ensure the company’s success.

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