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Molekule Review: The Best Air Purifier of 2021?

The Molecule is an innovative, state-of-the-art device that, as the name suggests, purifies the air in an enclosed space. Users typically use these to improve air quality by helping to combat air pollutants. These devices are mainly used at night when users sleep and breathe in most of the air. A clear sign of poor air quality is a runny nose or a cough after you wake up.

Sleep Sherpa is a site that is dedicated to products required for getting the best sleep possible. The company’s goal is to provide customers with excellent products and expert knowledge of how to make your sleep better. All of the products sold on the site are reviewed by Sleep Sherpa experts and are guaranteed to be worth the investment. In this Molecule review, they ordered two packs of the Molecule device: one was the regular device and the other was a mini version.

The review describes the process of unpacking and shows a large box for the main unit. The air purifier comes in a white bag, so no bubble wrap is necessary. The device doesn’t require any fancy setup; you just plug it in and it’s ready to go. The purifiers come with an app that can be downloaded using either an iPhone or an Android phone. The app shows you exactly how the device is working and how close it is to finishing.

The purifiers has the ability via nanotechnology, to destroy any irritants that may be in the air which draws praise from the author. He notes that conventional HEPA filters are no match for the PECOs. The Molecule device also uses active Carbon Dioxide technology, so any gasses that come out of your mouth when you exhale are absorbed by the filter and not released back into the room.