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QNET Scam Allegations and Deciphering the Truth of This MLM Firm

QNET employs a direct selling model and not a pyramid scheme. The direct selling firm provides real products and services to retailers who earn money through commissions after selling them. The Hong Kong-based firm focuses on modern styles that combine two popular core industries: direct sales and e-commerce. Customers can become independent agents or purchase products directly.

Those who decide to become independent agents can sell products and services directly through references or teams. IRs can benefit from the QNET compensation plan provided by the commission based on sales of goods and services. QNET offers great training programs for IR, allowing them to acquire all the skills needed to maximize the opportunities offered. These programs ensure that IR adheres to strict standards and core values.

The MLM founders know what it means to work with the wrong people. Their experience has taught them so much about honesty in the business world that they have tried hard to make it different. Avoiding these issues in the future will make the direct selling firm one reason why all agents must be trained to adhere to their code of conduct.

In the 1990s, the firm initiators became direct distributors in the direct sales company, creating a sales network of 2,000 people for them. However, they soon discovered that they were not suitable for the company as they didn’t earn commissions. The company soon disappeared, and these directors held their sales teams accountable for non-payment. At that time, they decided to establish their company based on rights and values.

Before, it was GoldQuest because of the small number of inventory coins and gold to collect. Within a few years, it enlarged its product portfolio, updated its business platform, and changed its brand name to QuestNet. In 2010, the name was abbreviated to QNET. Today, with the creation of direct sales and e-commerce websites, merchants can easily order products according to their local needs from various locations.

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