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Salesforce Users To Get An Inventory Tracking Reprieve With Integration Of Cloud Inventory

In a recent announcement, Salesforce users will now have the chance to integrate customer relationship management with Cloud Inventory, a leading solution to inventory management. The announcement means that DSI will allow Salesforce agents to integrate data captured in the field accurately across other Salesforce modules.

Cloud Inventory allows users to track inventory throughout the distribution and manufacturing process. The solution provides distributors and manufacturers a tool with robust powers to increase productivity, compliance, and revenue generation. The solution allows tracking inventory by providing precise location, state, and authenticity of the inventory in question. In effect, the solution removes the barriers that make it impossible to track inventory effectively.

For Salesforce users, the solution will make it possible to capture inventory data from field tools and raise service work orders accurately, thus serving customers more efficiently. Combined with Field Inventory Management, Salesforce users will track other aspects of inventory, including tools and labor, from the convenience of their mobile devices. In addition, field Inventory will make it possible for technicians to update the status of work orders using mobile devices.

According to DSI’s CEO and President, the integration between Salesforce’s customer relationship management and DSI’s products will allow real-time visibility of field operations for Salesforce users, thereby significantly contributing to the safe and effective fulfilling of customer orders. They also stand to benefit from the improved efficiency resulting from the optimization of Salesforce’s CRM system.

With increasingly dynamic customer expectations, the announcement will come as a reprieve for many businesses that are already struggling to keep their customers satisfied. The partnership will allow businesses to keep track of gross margin return on their investment in inventory. By having constant real-time information on their inventory investment, businesses can thus be able to determine the effectiveness of their inventory expenditure and make necessary changes. Regardless of how slight it is on the average cost of inventory; any change could become a major source of competitive advantage. See this page for more information.


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