Sam Jejurikar M.D. explains the benefits of a liposuction procedure

Sam Jejurikar M.D., a top-rated cosmetic surgeon, started his clinic to help people get into perfect shape. Dr. Sam Jejurikar of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute has always proven to be reliable to his patients. The renowned personality is famous for performing the best liposuctions. In the past, many people were always scared about getting the liposuction procedure because of the risks involved. Sam Jejurikar and other cosmetic surgeons have made the process better by introducing radiofrequency and vaser lipolysis to have better outcomes. Before a doctor can carry out the cosmetic procedure, they need to be assured that you are the right candidate.

According to Sam Jejurikar M.D., liposuction is suitable for people with ideal body weight yet struggling with excess fat. The process is not meant to remove stretch marks, cellulite, or dimples on the body. This cosmetic procedure will not make you lose weight too. The only goal for performing liposuction is to give the patient a perfect shape and the ideal contour. Both men and women can go for the procedure, as long as a reliable professional does it. People who wish to enhance their looks can combine this process with several other modern plastic surgeries to have excellent results. During the process, the surgeon breaks fatty tissues in the body then sucks them using a cannula. Many people mistake the process for a weight-loss activity.