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Stephen Bittel: A Resourceful Entrepreneur in the Real Estate Niche

Stephen Bittel’s reputation in the commercial real estate niche is well deserved. Over the last 40 years, the individual has curated his professional background in the commercial real estate sector. His career venture has seen him work with notable clients, including Bank of America, New York Life, and Morgan Stanley. Stephen Bittel professional career record is worth emulating. Having amassed a wealth of knowledge in the commercial real estate space, he ventured forth to start Terranova Corporation. The individual leveraged his deep-seated prowess to nurture and grow TerraNova Corporation into the behemoth it is today.

Terranova Corporation strikes as one of the leading firms in South Florida. The firm has completed billions of commercial projects and represented numerous prominent clients. Stephen Bittel juggled his educational activities with managing TerraNova Corporation. Upon completing his law degree, he kept his company a top priority. Under his leadership, Terranova swiftly grew to carve a niche in the commercial real estate landscape. The company grew to work on nearly 100 different industrial parks, shopping centers, numerous office buildings, and self-storage assets.

Of course, the real estate investment company has remained relevant and grown through an agile strategy. The inception of the pandemic saw Stephen Bittel spearhead Terranova to remain vigilant to emerging opportunities that may arise. Indeed, the firm has played a crucial role in transforming the urban retail centers and retail areas.

About the TerraNovaCorp CEO

Stephen Bittel is a prime example of an entrepreneur with remarkable success. He started his company in 1980 and spearheaded it to become one of the leading commercial real estate companies in South Florida. With over four decades in the commercial real estate business, Stephen Bittel has amassed a breadth of knowledge and skills to drive ideas into fruition. Nonetheless, Terranova has grown to build a well-curated portfolio.

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