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Super CEO Matthew Fleeger

Matthew FleegerCEO’s often receive bad reputations in movies and TV shows, being shown as greedy money hungry men or woman who don’t care about anyone but themselves and their company. This However cannot be said about CEO and president of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger. Matthew received his schooling from the Southern Methodist University-Cox School of business with a BBA in Finance and Marketing, and clearly he was meant for the business world. From starting Med Solutions, running Gulf Coast Western and working with charities, Matthew Fleeger is not the typical CEO they show on screen.

Matthew Fleeger

Along with running a successful oil business in Dallas Texas, Matthew has a soft spot for a charity called the Sadie Keller Foundation. This foundation helps families of children that are fighting cancer, something she knows all to well. The Gulf Coast Western and Sadie Keller foundation partnered together and a 25,000 dollar donation made to help them go way beyond their goal. Matthew also bought paintings that Sadie had done, another benefit to the foundation. Having battled cancer he and Sadie had that in common, which led to the partnership. Sadie Keller Foundation and Matthew coming together has increased the amount of toys that they could bring to kids stuck in the hospital during such a hard time, which was even harder due to the pandemic. It cannot be said that Matthew Fleeger is not a giving person, and his reputation speaks for itself, and I’m sure he will continue to be generous for years to come.