The Arena Group and Sports Illustrated Step Out with CEO Ross Levinsohn’s Strong Leadership

Ross Levinsohn Sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn first took control of this prestigious position in 2016, which is when Maven Media acquired the brand. Maven Media, which is now known as The Arena Group, had been and continues to be led by its CEO, Ross Levinsohn. Pulling double-duty between these positions, Levinsohn is no stranger to hard work. In fact, before he started working in these positions, Levinsohn has gained professional recognition for his executive leadership at GDM, Yahoo!, CBS Sportsline, Whisper Advisors and Fox.

In both of his current positions, Levinsohn has stepped out to produce sizable gains for these companies. One of the many examples of his hard work and ingenuity in action has been with Sports Illustrated. Always looking for opportunities for growth, Levinsohn recognized the potential to boost profits at Sports Illustrated by establishing a second website paywall. This Sports Illustrated CEO Identified the fact that the website’s popularity was increasing dramatically. By enhancing the website’s monetization plan, Levinsohn has been able to elevate profits. The website is now monetized with a subscriber option for early-release content for a premium.

The Arena Group has also posted incredible gains recently thanks to Levinsohn’s work to acquire Parade magazine. Prior to the acquisition, this digital services provider had a portfolio of hundreds of media brands that it regularly served. Arranged in verticals for sports, lifestyles and finance, some of these brands include The Street with Jim Cramer, Sports Illustrated, Athlon Sports, Maxim, Spry Living, Relish, History.com and others. Levinsohn inked the contract for the $16-million purchase of Parade, which is a decades-old brand that is read by more than 54 million people each week. Once the purchase of Parade magazine was sealed, The Arena Group had expanded its monthly reader base to 122 million.