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The Successful Business Movement of Isidoro Quiroga

Isidoro Quiroga is a businessman from Chile known for his successful business ventures. Isidoro completed his Commercial Engineering degree from Chile University in 1974. After education, the Chilean businessman started his career as an exporter and producer of oregano. Isidoro later makes significant investments in the electricity and mining sector, recording unmatched success. The Chilean businessman is the founder and majority shareholder of Asesorias e Inversiones Benjamin S.A . Isidoro made another successful business venture this year by selling Enphase Energy, a company based in California.


Enphase Energy is a company that offers the design and manufacture of some energy solutions through different energy production like solar, domestic, or the web. Isidoro Quiroga purchased Enphase Energy in 2018 at $20 million and got over nine million bonds at $2.10 each. The founder of Asesorias e Inversiones sold Enphase Energy at $819 million, making a $735 million profit. In addition, Isidoro bought an additional four million bonds at $16 per bond after purchasing Enphase Energy, bringing his investment in the company to $84 million. Selling a total of 13,548,476 shares at $60.5 per unit, Isidoro made a considerable profit which gained attention in the business world.


The vast profit Isidoro acquired from the sale of Enphase Energy proved his expertise in the business. The successful business venture is not the first successful one in Isidoro’s career. In 2017, Isidoro Quiroga got global recognition after selling Australis Seafoods to a Chinese salmon company. Isidor purchased Australis Seafoods in 2003 and committed to making the company the best, later transforming it into an international exporting salmon company. Quiroga led the company Australis Seafoods through a crisis in 2018 by partnering with his team to develop innovative production solutions after the Infectious Salmon Anemia virus in Chile. Several salmon-producing companies in Chile and Canada were affected.


The CEO of Assesorias e Inversiones Benjamin stands out from many business people due to his confidence in international investment. Quiroga is not afraid to make significant investments that turn out successful. With the profit gained from the transactions, Quiroga has invested a considerable amount in Chile’s stock market and is becoming a shareholder in several companies, including Entel, Endesa, and Banco de Chile. Quiroga is a diversified investor having involvement in real estate projects and mining companies. The Chilean businessman has taken his mining investment outside Chile, owning the Junior Investment Company, a mining company in Australia. Quiroga also owns an olive oil plantation and a wine production company in Argentina, showing his passion for diversified investments.