Business Leader, Community Leader, Philanthropist

The Various Organizations Pam Baer Uses To Achieve Her Philanthropic Ventures

Pamela Baer can easily pass for the title “Natural Giver” because she already had the spirit of philanthropy within her right from a very young age. She lives in San Francisco together with her family and is widely known because of her role in philanthropy and other important leadership roles.

Her main focus has always been the provision of quality healthcare for the vulnerable in society. The role she plays in healthcare is quite evident, and to begin with, Pam Baer holds a lifetime directorship with the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation.

Pam holds leadership positions in both local organizations and global organizations. Locally, she gets to serve in many other organizations, whereby she plays various roles. To the Giant’s Community Fund and Jewish Women’s Giving Circle, Pam is a board member.

In addition to these roles, some of her global roles include an advisory role in Nest, an organization whose primary focus is the improvement of women’s well-being. Another remarkable achievement that Pam holds to her name is that she among the Founders Circle of Every Mother Counts, another organization that puts her on the global map of renowned philanthropists.

Apart from health care, another because which Pam Baer is also passionate about is education. For this reason, she plays an active role in the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Pam has always been creative about her philanthropy; therefore, she uses various channels to fulfill her goals.

Another organization that gets to help her achieve her goals is For Goodness Sake; unlike the other organizations, this is a mobile store where she gets to set aside a portion of the returns made and channel it towards funding various non-profits. Throughout her journey in philanthropy, Pam Baer has always found a way to bring together people to contribute towards non-profit organizations. See this page on Instagram, for related information.


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