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 Volunteers Save a Loggerhead Turtle off Coast of Oregon With Help of SeaWorld

A private resident spotted a trapped loggerhead turtle off the coast of Oregon. It prompted the resident to contact a team of volunteers to collect the turtle. The loggerhead was put on board a flight to San Diego, California where it is now part of an exhibit at San Diego SeaWorld.

It Was a Rescue for the Story Books

The turtle, first spotted off the coast of Oregon in February, was likely caught up in cold water. It would not have been capable of eating or swimming while in a state of shock from being in the frigid waters.

Eventually, the loggerhead washed ashore, permitting the Oregon Coast Aquarium to rescue it.

Once rescued, the turtle’s temperature was estimated to be twenty-five degrees below safe levels for loggerheads. Rescuers used fleece-lined blankets to raise the turtles’ temperature over 5 days.

The Loggerhead Recovers and is Moved

After the turtle recovered from its initial plight, it was flown to SeaWorld San Diego to make a new home. The Oregon Coast Aquarium typically will release a turtle of this nature back to its natural habitat. The loggerhead, with the aid of the Turtles Fly Too organization, was instead flown to San Diego.

The Loggerhead Spends Time at SeaWorld San Diego

The staff at SeaWorld has continued to monitor the overall health of the turtle. As an endangered species, they are concerned with the health of the loggerhead. When they do release the turtle back to its natural habitat, it will be with careful precision.

Members of the rescue team need to be particularly careful with how and when they return the animal to the ocean. Until it is deemed the turtle can safely return home, it has a home at SeaWorld San Diego, where it is being closely watched for changes to its health.

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