Business Expert, CEO, Data Analyst

What Are Brandon Taubman’s Accomplishments

Brandon Taubman is a man with a diverse background. He is well diverse in the ability to apply both data science as well as analytics to any and all business decisions that need to be made. It is a big factor in the success of his decisions because he takes the time to make those choices after looking at the research to make sure that he is making the most informed choice possible. Brandon Taubman and his commercial real estate firm are becoming industry leaders due to their use of the new technology that is helping them make the most informed investment decisions possible. It just goes to show that there are many different ways that data science can be used to help in all sorts of different industries. Brandon Taubman’s driving force behind getting involved with and really understanding data science was due to the fact that he wanted to become a better investor. That shows his determination right there that he was willing to put in the effort to learn a new skill to achieve his goal to become a better investor. The way that the data helps him is that it shows him the past history of an investment and analyzing those patterns gives the best possible in order to predict when will be the best time to invest in a stock. This works because generally speaking history always repeats itself. So, this use of the data and patterns allows him to best predict when that will happen again. He also has a background in the world of sports teams. To be exact he was the assistant general manager for the Houston Astros where data science is not only used but is a huge factor and the heart of the operations of the baseball everyday operations. Get to know with Brandon Taubman at