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Alexander PayneConstantine Alexander Payne, famously known as Alexander Payne in his works, is a filmmaker and director born on 10, February 1961. Payne is of mixed race as his father, George Payne was both German and Greek while his mother, Peggy, was of Greek ancestry. Payne’s location of birth is Omaha, Nebraska. His mother was a professor and his father was a restaurant owner and operator.

Payne received his high school education from Creighton Prep school and graduated in 1979. During his time at the school, he had a column in the student newspaper. He was also part of the yearbook as an editor. After high school Payne went to study his university education at the Stanford University, doing Spanish and History. He graduated from the university in 1984 with a B.A.

He further went to study in Spain and did his undergraduate degree in Medellin, Columbia. Payne’s film journey started with his school film thesis project, The Passion of Martin, in 1991. The film was a brand at the campus. Six after its launch, it was at the Sundance Film Festival. The film was a big hit as he got a deal with Universal.

Though the deal with Universal Pictures had no film results, it was a development for Payne. Kraft Foods rewarded his father for an 8mm movie projector. Payne was in his youth ages at the time. When he was 14 years, his father rewarded him. The reward had a major impact on Payne’s film career.

In 1996, Payne and Jim Taylor, his writing partner, decided to draft their first movie. The plan was after some years of doing work-for-hire. He later released Citizen Ruth and Election in 1999. The election was the first pro film by Payne to gain incredible box-office success.

Alexander Payne

Payne’s film journey has been a success as he has received several nominations and awards for his works. His movie, Schmidt, was a major project as it had two nominations at the golden statuette. When he is not writing movies, Payne is also a movie producer. One of his production works is the Hung series (2009-2011, for HBO television.

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