Bronco Billy – The Musical Was A Wild Ride

Bronco Billy was originally a film starring Clint Eastwood. This serves to highlight the magnificent job that was done in reproducing this classic modern western as a musical. Not only has Chip Rosenbloom created a new version of this modern classic, but he has also shown us the definition of what it truly is to make a successful reimaging happen. Unlike the movie, the play doesn’t take itself very seriously and for most viewers including myself, this allows the key themes of the original tale to come through in a way that is both pleasant to the ears as well as the eyes.

The music and lyrics featured in Chip’s adaptation are the pillars that hold us to this masterpiece. The music keeps the play’s tone jubilant while at the same time retaining the core of the source material. The original writer and co-producer had contacted both Chip Rosenbloom and John Torres to handle all musical aspects of the production and this turned out to be an amazing decision.

Dan Harkin had created a wonderful tale of going after your dreams no matter how unrealistic they seem. This play captures that same vital essence and does it with a playful spirit. Key elements of the story hinge upon being at the right place at the right time and The Skylight Theatre in Los Angeles California was exactly that. The play’s direction was also spot on, much like the heroine of the story Antoinette, Hunter Bird was an absolute catalyst that moved this production.