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Business Growth and Support as Envisioned by Jason Mason, CEO Inc $ CO Group

Jack MasonJack Mason is an entrepreneur, investor, founder, and CEO of Inc &Co Group. Jack founded the group in 2019 with a vision of acquiring digital businesses and growing them to greater heights. As the founder of the Group, Jack is responsible for making strategic decisions, including acquisitions. He leverages his cutting–edge technical strategies and business development expertise to guide other companies to achieve organic growth.

When it comes to building great teams, Jack Mason does not disappoint. Jack firmly believes that successful companies must have strong working teams. He works with several companies to recruit and staff departments with suitable candidates to achieve people energy-driven teams, which is key to achieving people-driven success.

As an experienced strategist, Jack Mason helps businesses identify strategic business opportunities that accelerate return on investment. Companies can join the group to utilize Inc & Co’s vast resources in financial frameworks, HR, and marketing. On the other hand, the group focuses on running the day –to day activities of these companies.

Since its inception, Jack Mason has steered the group to significant growth. He has helped the group acquire several companies among the Neon and Brass, Cuhu, and Laundrapp. The acquisition has helped the group post impressive growth and increased its turnover. The Inc & Co posted an annual turnover of £10 million and a month-on-month income increase of 11% during the last year. The group currently has over 170 staff working in 9 different companies.

According to Jack, the group’s founding was a combination of right time, place and individuals. He states that he identified a gap at the group’s starting where he could support other companies with their operations, marketing, and HR and leave them to focus solely on areas they were good at. Jack Mason says that by bringing companies into a creative collective, the group can make the companies more efficient, profitable, effective, and dynamic.

Jack Mason

Jack states that he is especially very keen on delegation. He believes in developing an experienced team for all his businesses, capable of handling any task, which he opines increases business resilience. Amid the economic downturns caused by the pandemic, he believes that businesses should focus more on e-commerce as it promises to become the next generation shopping trend.