Caribou Versus Other Couriers: Whats The Best Reason To Choose Caribou?

Caribou Caribou developed the app to deliver both speed and efficiency to their customers. Instead of taking their customers to different terminals at the airport, they can send a delivery request for their parcel(s) and they can track it down and deliver to their door step! In addition, they can track the progress of their package as it travels through the different stages of delivery with delivery receipts being automatically sent to their smartphone.

Customers can also keep in touch with Caribou and track their delivery at any given time. With its constant growing popularity, Caribou plans to expand it further around the UK and globally. They are bringing it up to speed with an easy to use App and planning on bringing it to existing customers as well as their possible new ones. Cuhu develops technology and builds global partnerships for logistics companies like Caribou. This is the first collaboration they have worked on together, so it was crucial for both parties to be happy and satisfied with the outcome.

Businesses need to constantly strive for innovation in order to stay relevant. Daryl Dylan, CEO predicts the annual revenue of the robotics market will increase in the future. The use of autonomous technology in food transportation through transportation management systems has the potential to change the way they purchase and receive goods and services. Given the pressures on businesses to improve efficiency and productivity, it is inevitable that the traditional means of operating will no longer suffice.

Organizations will need to find new ways to meet the challenges they face including delivering superior customer experience and streamlining costs and delivering on their vision to deliver ROI to shareholders. Cuhu is used by the carrier drivers to provide a way for them to store all the details of the deliveries and manage their vehicle details such as mileage and scheduling. Using the platform, each vehicle comes equipped with a SIM card. For most of the drivers, they use a paired handheld device.


When the driver is running low on time, the app automatically sends the delivery schedule to their customers and it also enables them to track their deliveries in real time. Daryl Dylan, CEO at Caribou said, “In our rapidly growing business, our fleet size is increasing and we needed to provide our drivers with a seamless way to dispatch our vehicles.”