ClearObject, Technology

ClearObject company is a top-ranked internet service provider

ClearObject company is an information technology firm that guides other companies on internet-related ideas. The company was founded in the year 2010 as a private firm with its head offices in India and later expanded to have other branches outside the country. Paul Young and his friend Vishal were the people behind the company’s foundation, which was initially known as CloudOne before they later changed the company name to the current name. The company managed to employ more than ten employees during its first year of operation and acquired more than eight investors to invest in the company. The company was managed to grow to more than 9million dollars as its net worth.

The company helps the world’s best organizations connect, share ideas, and solve their business problem through the internet platform. ClearObject company managed to combine the power and the knowledge of IT experts combining them in order to provide the best world-class IT service to their clients.

The company aims to be the leading provider of internet-related services worldwide by providing the most efficient methods to the problem of their clients. The company also deals with the storage of companies and ensures total security of the very sensitive data entrusted to the company by the clients.

Helping companies build the market of their product and gaining more value on the product is the organization’s day-to-day activities. Clearobject company went ahead to having a partnership with the Google cloud to improve their data analysis strategies as well as the storage capacity of the data. With over two decades of operation, the company has got several awards and honors, like being selected by the inc magazine as the fastest growing IT service company in India. It was also given the MiraAward of the year with a net worth of 5million dollars to 20 million dollars. ClearObject’s: Facebook Page.