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Dave Antrobus Achievements as The Director of Fresh Thinking Group Organization

Dave Atrobus.Dave Antrobus is a successful businessman who is recognized for his roles as the co-founder and director of the private capital investment company Fresh Thinking Group. The company operates in two areas across the world: the UK and Europe. It is a global investment organization that offers services in the technology, logistics and e-commerce sectors. The Fresh Thinking Group specializes and supports companies compliant in their growth journey, seeking help and young start-up companies.

Apart from Dave’s Antrobus executive roles in the Fresh Thinking Group, he also mentors and manages teams in the technology sectors and creates a good working environment for developers to work efficiently by improving their skills and achieving excellent results. For the last ten years, Dave has worked with high-profile companies such as Google, Matalan, and Simplybe.

Dave Antrobus has gained experience in web marketing, user experience and new-age media. For this reason, he has become an essential asset for companies that the Fresh Thinking Group has invested in. Mr Dave has also managed the Fresh Thinking Group acquisitions, including Skylab, a digital agency, the mobile development app, Chu, Amazon cloud hosting and several others.

In 2008, Dave achieved his degree from Bristol University in computer science. He held the non-portfolio managerial position while still at school for the Computer Science Society. In addition, Dave Antrobus was a mentor for the computer science first-year students and helped design and create posters and leaflets for the NUS campaigns at Bristol.

Dave Antrobus has worked in several companies, including The Freight and The Courier companies, where he helped develop and build a team of developers to help foresee the success of the developmental process of the companies. Mr Dave helped The Freight company make a whooping profit of 120,000 pounds within the first year of operation.

Dave Antrobus also worked at BT Fresca as a web developer and a project leader for several projects in the company, including Matalan, and the JJB Sports. Currently, Dave is working on convincing companies across the UK and Europe to invest in remotely working from home during this COVID-19 pandemic period to improve the developers’ productivity.