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 David Azzato Advice to London Cryptocurrency Newbies

We are in a competitive world full of goal-oriented individuals and solution providers. Who could have thought that we can have paperless payment methods? Well, too many online transactions and the use of paperless payment methods could have seemed impossible years back. However, the transition in technology is bringing things into a different dimension. You must have had cryptocurrency and bitcoins, but you do not know how this works or have not tried either of them. According to David Azzato, the new currencies are what the world needs to adopt. Human beings are known to resist change more so what we feel is not essential or adding value in our lives; although many had rejected cryptocurrency, this is becoming the ultimate way to go. Financial and currency freedom is what we need today, and cryptocurrency is here for this purpose. The world of cryptocurrency does not require centralized printing of currencies in central banks of national or supranational entities. David Azzato hints that cryptocurrencies are decentralized hence marinating their value regardless of the state.

How Cryptocurrency Works

We all know that the central banks of specific nations control currencies worldwide. Cryptocurrency, as noted earlier, does not have a centralized area of control. Individuals across the world are allowed to possess the cryptocurrency which is in their machines.

Creation of Cryptocurrency

Many people will ask where cryptocurrencies come from, yet the currency is not printed in a central bank, and nobody is controlling it. Notably, the currency is created digitally in a mining process by using sophisticated computing tools to generate blockchains. These blockchains are continuously growing, but they are encrypted for security reasons. We can note that cryptocurrencies highly dependent on timestamps and, more so, the transaction data. Decentralization of cryptocurrency adds an extra layer of security, unlike other currencies managed from a central location. Cryptocurrencies do not have a central database since they use a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Blockchain technology has been termed as one of the advanced technologies that give hackers a hard time orchestrate the hack alone since changing one record, and this needs network majority. Notably, this currency is transparent, and it is termed since no transactions are carried out behind the scenes.


We all agree that privacy and financial security are crucial in guaranteeing investors. Nobody will want to invest in a scheme that they are not sure of their investment security. As noted earlier, cryptocurrencies are safe to use, and they have taken matters regarding security seriously as opposed to the regular currency. David Azzato confirms that cryptocurrency transactions are more secure than traditional currency transactions. Additionally, this currency is not bound to people but pegged on addresses or keys hence building its anonymity. Although the transactions will be laid to the public, bitcoin owners will not be identifiable, and cryptocurrency groups only have access to certain information authorized by law. However, recently, many people have been scammed and taken advantage of because of cryptocurrency’s anonymous nature.

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