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Doug Haynes

Doug Haynes’ Background and Professional Experience

Doug HaynesHe is the administrate partner of the business consultancy firm Council Advisors and president of its executive leader-based practice, The Council.

He has experience in the business world, including ten years as a consultant and advisor to businesses. Doug is a three-time winner of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

His company has been recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Corporate Growth Centres by Dun and Bradstreet and ranked #1 in Canada for leadership development by Executive Excellence.

Doug Haynes has been a business consultant and advisor. He has focused on the executive leader-based practice at The Council.

The Council’s Executive Leader-Based Practice

The executive leader-based practice focuses on helping private, and public sector leaders become better decision makers and more effective leaders.

Doug Haynes is a leading business thinker and practitioner who has spent more than two decades helping executives improve their performance.

Doug founded Council Advisors to help clients achieve accurate, measurable results. Council Advisors has grown into one of the largest business consultancies in the United States, with offices in eight cities.

Doug’s experience and expertise have helped make him one of the most respected thought leaders in business management–and he’s just getting started.

Doug Haynes’ Advice to Leaders About Managing Change

Haynes advises leaders about managing change and how to create an effective transition plan. According to Haynes, one of the most significant challenges leaders face when initiating a change is overcoming employee resistance.

He suggests creating a communication plan that lays out the change’s objectives and how it will benefit the organization. Additionally, he stresses the Importance of engaging employees early in the process so they understand why the change is being made and what they can expect.

Haynes also advises leaders to be prepared for the unexpected. He recommends instituting clear timelines and ensuring all stakeholders are on board with the plan to prevent disruptions during a transition.

The Importance of alignment in leader-based practices

Haynes has developed several tools and techniques to help organizations achieve the right level of alignment. One of these tools is the Leader-Based Alignment Assessment questionnaire.

This questionnaire helps organizations identify which areas need attention when it comes to alignment. Additionally, The Council offers a range of workshops designed to help employees understand their role in supporting the organization’s objectives.

These efforts are necessary if organizations want to achieve the required level of alignment for success.


Haynes says his firm’s philanthropic mission is to help improve the quality of life in underprivileged communities by providing local leaders with the skills and resources they need to improve their societies.

Haynes has been involved in charitable work for over 25 years, starting as a volunteer in a children’s hospital. He credits his experience with helping him develop a strong understanding of the Importance of philanthropy.

Since founding Council Advisors, Haynes has focused on developing The Council – a global executive leader-based practice that helps local leaders improve their societies.

The Council offers training and resources to help local leaders tackle challenging problems such as poverty, unemployment, crime, and environmental degradation.