Dr. Leen Kawas Shares Her Plan on Optimizing Clinical Trials

Dr. Leen Kawas sees the necessity of clinical trials and understands how one can undermine the data that is collected.

She believes the root of this lies in a lack of cohesion between the science and medical elements of these studies.

When a clinical trial is properly performed, the wealth of data pulled from the project can lead to new therapies and techniques that can help the public.

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Dr. Leen Kawas insists that it is critical to seek input from the patients from the outset of the trial until the end.

The common error is to wait until later stages, but this limits how effective the trial can be.

Paying attention to all levels of feedback can help the team gather the right patients and collect the proper data.

The questions asked also need to be clear and asked on a consistent basis, allowing the team to tailor the various stages to the input they are gathering.

Dr. Kawas believes that every member of the team should use their own views to actively contribute to the trial.

When building the hypothesis, the members must understand the disease in question and the way they plan to treat it. Patient safety is also very important.

The team should spend equal time ensuring the trial is working with proper protocols.

The data must be properly verified so they can see trends associated with the method of treatment they are observing.

Dr. Kawas states that talking to the proper professionals and caregivers allows the team to build useful inclusion criteria for the project.

The members do need to be mindful of potential shifts during stages leading to inclusion changes.

This makes proper funding crucial because it allows the trial to tackle all the critical areas of the hypothesis.

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