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Heath Ritenour highlights on professional freedom

Heath Ritenour is the CEO of the insurance office of America. He is a firm believer that people should have the professional freedom to have a life outside their working schedules. According to Ritenour, employees become more productive when they have flexible working schedules. Most companies realize that employees with stiff work schedules suffer burn out and this ends up being unproductive.

Workers have a right to some free time by their employers. With such a schedule, they can have a quality work-life balance. This implies that the workers have ample time to spend with their loved ones.

Ritenour states that for people to be productive, they do not have to spend all their time in the offices. This means that you get more freedom from corporate baggage and can focus on building your social life. All companies need self-driven employees who do not have to work under supervision to produce quality results.

While working at the insurance office of America, he continued emphasizing that the leaders’ main role in that company is to put more effort into building a better business daily.

Heath Ritenour has become a better person after battling cancer. He values people more, thus treating them better. His experience after facing cancer made him more compassionate. It shaped him into a better CEO who is concerned about other people’s well-being, including all the employees at the IOA. Heath Ritenour shared how his illness made him realize how most people take their families and good health for granted. This explains why he continues campaigning for professional freedom as people’s health and social life is more important than work.

At the insurance office of America, employees embrace quality relationships. Ritenour’s employees have been his motivation since they were there for him when he was sick. Since then, his work at the company has been easy as he gave the workers more freedom to work at their own pace without being micromanaged.