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 Here’s Why QNET Isn’t A Scam

QNET is a well-known direct selling company. Although it has a stellar reputation, there are people who believe it’s a scam. This isn’t true because QNET is not an illegal pyramid scheme. The company doesn’t solely rely on people recruiting other people in order to bring in revenue. They also operate in countries that have very strict laws that govern the direct selling industry. These places include Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong. Learn more


Another reason why QNET isn’t a scam is because of their credibility. People are very hesitant about doing business with companies that have a reputation for being unethical. The company has been around for years and they operate in over a dozen countries. Furthermore, the founders of the company are well-known business leaders who have experience with building various businesses such as hotels, resorts and even a University in Malaysia.

Company: Size & Growth

Companies that have been around for awhile and that continue to grow tend to do something right. Indicators of a company’s size and growth include the number of employees they have, the number of countries they operate in, how many customers do business with the company and how many distributors they have (if the company is a networking marketing business).

At the time of this writing, QNET employs around 900 employees, both indirectly and directly. The products they sell are shipped to more than 80 countries, and more than 4 million people have purchased the company’s products over the course of 18 years.

Those are only a handful of reasons why QNET is not a scam. As an ethical company, QNET provides all necessary and required info to those who want to become an Independent Representative. Before anyone signs up to become a distributor, they can view all documents related to QNET via their website