How Carl Daikeler Found Success With Beachbody

BeachbodyThe most successful companies are generally those that consistently supply their customers with valuable, useful, high-quality products. This is certainly the case with Beachbody, a home fitness company whose CEO, Carl Daikeler, has long been a master of innovation. By determining exactly how customers will react to his products, Daikeler has successfully constructed a veritable home fitness empire.

Carl Daikeler: Impressive CEO, Fascinating Character

Carl Daikeler is as interesting as he is successful. Not only has he managed to produce one of the biggest fitness companies on the planet, but he has done so well making lasting contributions to society and the arts.

Important Role With Beachbody

Daikeler was one of the first entrepreneurs in the world to recognize just how massive of an industry home fitness would become. He understood that working out at home can be just as rewarding as hitting the gym, and he has operated his company accordingly.

Charitable Endeavors

In addition to serving as his company’s CEO, Daikeler has played a major role in a number of philanthropic efforts. His company’s foundation has donated to a number of organizations that work in the areas of social justice and human development.

Theater Work

As a longtime theater enthusiast, Daikeler has a deep understanding of the thespian arts. Not only has he worked as a producer on massive Broadway productions, but he also has two Tony Awards to show for his efforts.

Beachbody’s Multifaceted Approach


Daikeler’s company has become so successful thanks to its comprehensive array of fitness-based solutions.

Exercise: Workout Videos

Video programs like Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift first brought Beachbody to the forefront of the home fitness industry. The company’s catalog is now available for digital streaming.

Nutrition: Shakeology Line of Supplements

Daikeler recognizes that what you put into your body is just as important as what you do with it. The Shakeology line of dietary supplements gives customers a way to effectively regulate their internal systems.

Community: Over 400,000 Coaches

When it comes to fitness, motivation is the key to achieving results. Nothing provides motivation like a supportive community, which is why Daikeler has created a massive network of accredited coaches.