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Hughes Marino Representation Firm

Hughes Marino representation firm is a top-tier and diverse law firm with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Puerto Rico, and London. In the US, the firm represents artists, producers, and entertainment companies dealing with acquiring intellectual property rights in connection with television development projects. 


Its internationally based practice extends from Europe to Latin America and the Asia Pacific. It provides its clients with patent, copyright, and trade secret litigation. As of 2015, Hughes Marino has more than 1 billion in gross revenue over its 12 years of operating history. Hughes Marino is well known for many of its successful cases. 


Many of these have been featured in the news, including the firm’s case against Apple, Inc, and Bank of America, which resulted in a jury trial in 2011. The Hughes Marino firm is located in New York City and has three other offices around the US. The firm is led by five Managing Partners: Edward Marino (New York), Steven Platt (Los Angeles), Steven Bayer (Miami), Alberto Vannier (Puerto Rico), and Gordon Hughes (London). All five Managing Partners are considered leaders in their respective fields of law.

Tenant Representation at Hughes Marino


The New York office mainly supports a local client base with additional international clients from London, Miami, and Puerto Rico offices. The Los Angeles office from Hughes Marino is focused on entertainment and production-related IP matters and representing foreign clients based in Mexico City, London, and New York City. 


The Miami office focuses on Latin American entertainment and film production-related matters for US and international clients. Puerto Rico’s office focuses on providing services to companies, particularly those in the financial sector (Zoominfo).


The firm has applied for a trademark for the “Hughes Marino” phrase from the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). As of March 2015, USPTO has not yet decided on this application. However, Hughes Marino has operated under its current name since 2002 before making such a formal application.

Hughes Marino was founded in 2002 by Edward F.