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James Gutierrez Fight Against the Widening Wealth Gap

Even though COVID has affected many, the wealth gap between the poor and rich keeps widening. Statistics prove that almost a third of the wealth is owned by 1% of U.S. citizens. James Gutierrez has dedicated his time and service to address the widening wealth gap by creating proven solutions for low-income earners.

According to James, there is a need to have the broken system fixed. James Gutierrez believes that even though people are tired of the widening gap, they are still waiting for the government to provide solutions. Nonetheless, Gutierrez believes that change and solutions could happen from the middle-up trajectory. Therefore, James advocates for change to start with the companies that have hired low-income earners. The employing companies should craft new tactics that will help improve household earnings. Through the companies, people could pull the government’s hand to help support the changes.

James believes that being poor is costly. For instance, when a poor person wants to acquire a loan, they receive hefty interest rates due to their poor credit score. Therefore, the poor will always work for many hours without receiving the financial liberation they need. Through Aura, James has helped low-income earners to secure economic opportunities by hacking the system. The company leverages technology to help improve the credit score of its consumers.

According to James Gutierrez, the ongoing racial inequalities promote the widening wealth gap. James believes that the minority communities suffer more than the white communities. Records are showcasing how hardships have remained hard on the African-American communities and the people of color. The race has, therefore, remained a vital area of concern in the topic of socio economics. Through providing low-interest loans to low-income earners, James aims to reduce the gap. James has focused his concentration on providing financial security for all.