Josh Garza Channels Led Zepplin’s Drummer

Secret Machines have just released their third album and are continuing to cut their path through the 21st-century music industry.

Secret Machine’s drummer, Josh Garza seems more interested in explaining his love of Led Zepplin’s John Bonham than talking about his band’s new release.

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Garza admits his style comes from Bonham’s seminal playing on Led Zepplin’s recordings from half a century ago.

The New York City native admits his playing has been heavily influenced by Bonhams.

The Secret Machines drummer is quick to push Bonham’s claims as a musical genius.

Josh Garza explains Jimi Hendrix is talked about as a guitar-playing genius.

In Josh Garza’s view, John Bonham is just as important to musical history as Hendrix.

John Bonham’s playing is not the only influence on Josh Garza.

Garza’s kit closely resembles that of his hero from Led Zepplin.

The drum kit used by Garza includes two 16″ floor toms, with one tuned lower than the other.

A 14″ rack tom and a 28″ bass drum fill out Garza’s drum kit.

The kit takes on the same proportions as that used by John Bonham.

Josh Garza is at pains to point out that his drumming and kit are not an exact match for that of John Bonham.

The Led Zepplin drummer is an obvious influence on the Secret Machines member.

Despite his love for Bonham, Josh Garza understands his path had to be followed.

Garza has set out to find his niche in the music sector and let go of his fears.

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