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Juan Monteverde  – Lessons for the Upcoming Lawyers

As one of the most experienced security attorneys, Juan Monteverde presents a practical lesson for anyone who wishes to become a lawyer. His career shows various stages that a successful attorney should follow to become successful. He has spoken many times in public, citing how he undertakes his daily routines at his company and during his social engagements.

A Lawyer’s Academic Journey

Many attorneys such as Juan Monteverde start their careers by attending a university to pursue varying courses. In some instances, they develop the interest to venture into the law industry when studying something that does relate to law. Juan went to the University to study finance, which saw him graduate with a B.S. Juan took a part-time job at a law firm when he was at the University studying finance, which influenced him to change his career.

The law field intrigued Juan even further when he spent two weeks working on a particular trial that took his full attention. The case involved two landowners looking to settle their ownership wrangles. The law firm he was working for took up the matter to represent the two clients, which saw him take part closely. The company helped the two clients win the case, which fascinated Monteverde to switch his career.

Working with local law firms opens avenues for upcoming attorneys, especially when in college. The approach worked for Juan Monteverde, who amassed admirable experience when studying. After graduating, he continued serving other law firms before getting the resources and the stamina to start and grow his company. The foundation he built at the University has allowed him to develop his firm to its current glory.

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