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Krishen Iyer Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Krishen Sauble Iyer is a renowned entrepreneur with an illustrious career. He has been known for heading several business portfolios in the insurance and marketing field. Krishen Iye´s passion for venturing into the insurance industry started after he completed his college studies.


After successfully graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in Public Administration, Krishen launched his first company, MNP Insurance. MNP Insurance, also known as Name My Premium, majorly focuses on insurance products for startup firms. After several successful years of running MNP Insurance, Krishen Iyer decided to expand his business horizons by founding Managed Services Benefits (MBS).


Managed Services Benefits, also known as Quick Link Marketing, offers clients different business services, including generating leads for their business and establishing healthy relationships with clients. Later on, Krishen’s pioneering spirit led him to found MAIS consulting, where he currently heads as the Chief Executive Officer (Vcpost). 


MAIS Consulting is also in the insurance industry and offers consultancy services to other firms in the Insurance Distribution Industry. The firm offers consultancy services in different subjects, including marketing, contracting, business policies formulation, and formulating strategic decisions. In addition to a successful business career, Krishen Iyer has other interests and involves himself in charity activities. He sacrifices his time and resources to make a philanthropic impact in society.