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 Kristin Ihle Helledy Career Achievements

Kristin Ihle Helledy is a former American athlete and the Chief Marketing Officer at Avant. Her interest in the marketing and sports sectors was a stepping stone for her career excellence. Kristin studied at Northwestern University, earning her bachelor’s degree in business management and an MBA from Stanford University. In addition, Kristin pursued a Ph.D. in Multicultural Psychology, graduating with a minor in Statistics.

Kristin Ihle Helledy started consulting with individual athletes and NCAA teams about sports psychology. She served at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee as the manager of the research office in the School of Education. Her work at Wisconsin enhanced her growth in quantitative design and analysis skills.

Kristin worked at Notre Dame as a residential clinical attendant, which contributed to her development in personal excellence. In addition, the team she was working with and the effort she put in her consultative role with the Athletics Department School of Law, among other academic departments, played a great role in enhancing her career skills.

Kristin Ihle Helledy serves as the President of Avant. She is devoted to the team, talent, and organizational performance of more than 500 fortune start-ups and firms. Avant aims to coach teams and leaders on excellent performance, access to new hires, and integration enablement. In addition, Kristin founded Research and Development department for Avant to create products enabled by technology.

Avant introduced LUMEN and DEAL to fasten the learning cycles of employees. LUMEN enhances employees’ growth, engagement, and development via real-time feedback. Developing Employees as Leaders (DEAL) is an assessment based on competency, helping the management team guide employees’ development plans and career development.

Kristin has gained competent international experience through her interest in academic, athletic, and consulting endeavors. She prides on her achievements and personal experiences as a world-class performer in consultancy services with companies and individual entrepreneurs.

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