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Latest Cloud Inventory By DSI to Help In Providing Better Control And Visibility Across The Supply Chain

The latest Data System International Cloud Inventory release is set to offer better real time visibility of goods inside and outside the warehouse. DSI’s Cloud Inventory offers standard applications that can address the field inventory and warehousing needs. The Cloud Inventory even comes with the insight dashboards that can be handy when improving and monitoring the supply chain’s performance.

According to Mark Goode, Data System International president, the release of the latest cloud inventory is a breakthrough in inventory control. The Data System International top executive also reiterates that businesses need to take a closer insight into how they can effectively manage their inventory. He believes that cloud inventory is an excellent way to optimize and restore control of their supply chain.

Manufacturers looking to get a better insight into their assets outside the warehouse need to have field inventory management capabilities. This means that whether their assets or inventory are part of a delivery activity, sales or service, they can easily react to unexpected changes.

Thanks to the field inventory management, businesses have real time access to their inventory anywhere, anytime. Field Inventory also features mobile first applications, making it convenient for field teams to capture the necessary data to offer better inventory visibility. Field Inventory management is also critical in providing field workers with the tools required to guarantee a positive client experience.

DSI Global’s inventory is critical in accounting for purchases and other associated costs such as insurance, handling and storage. With the right amount of stock, businesses can significantly minimize the risk of deterioration, theft, obsolesce and damage.

For businesses that have got teams managing trucks, forward staging areas or equipment in yards, employing field inventory application is a sure way to improve operations’ efficiency, giving your company a competitive edge. Refer to this article for more information.


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