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Lessons From An Interview With Larry Baer, SF Giants CEO

Larry Baer, the SF Giants CEO, is one of today’s leading professional sports visionaries. He started working with the giants’ team in 1990 and has led the group into several wins right from the first year he took up the Giants CEO role. In an interview with IdeaMensch, an interview site for doers, makers, and entrepreneurs, the Giants CEO Larry Baer talk about his successful entrepreneurial life.

He is also the Chairman of the Giants Development Services, which is now the emerging Mission Rock platform for an urban neighborhood situated on a 25-acre site athwart the McCovey Cove after the AT&T Park. In 1980, he earned the Phi Beta Kappa credit from California University. He boasts of Leadership Awards for Civic Leadership (1996), the Torch of Liberty (2001), Excellence in Achievement (2014) award. The SF Giants CEO is an active member in various strategic committees including the NBC sports bay.

The highlights of this interview are;

  • To be successful, you must start your day early
  • Importance of face to face conversations
  • Everyone needs to read the book memoir by President Obama.

For Larry Baer, his day typically starts at with work-outs, reading newspapers to catch up on the current affairs. He would move from one office to the next discussing work-related issues and concerns with his team on reaching his workplace. Larry believes that what makes him more productive is his habit of collaborating with the team. You all need each other to reach greater heights in business.

Another tactic that this successful SF Giants CEO uses is face-to-face conversations with his colleagues to bring different ideas to life. For him, you can’t just rely on the written proposals to actualize your ideas. Instead, you need to participate fully in the process, which is only possible through numerous phone calls, office visits, and group discussions.

You also need a strong team for your business to be successful. Treating your co-workers more of individuals than just colleagues can help you earn their trust and build that solid team. Larry recommends president Obama’s book, the memoir, for everyone out there. A book that has helped him in executing his Giants CEO duties.

The SF Giants CEO, Larry Baer, is married to Pam and lives in San Francisco together with their four children. He has also received several awards for the Giants CEO’s outstanding leadership skills, including the Alumnus of the Year Award from Harvard, the Excellence in Achievement Award from the University of California, etc.Watch this video clip, for additional information.


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