Eco Friendly, Save Money

PosiGen – Helping Low-Income Earners Afford Solar Energy

Solar energy has two significant benefits. It can save you more money on energy bills compared to electricity. Two, it is an excellent way of protecting the environment. The initial cost of solar is very high. Its upfront costs make it extremely difficult for homeowners to afford solar panels (Techbullion).


If solar companies could let out more panels, going green would get easier. Although some of them lease out solar panels, qualifying for one is almost impossible. Most providers have harsh eligibility requirements. The two primary conditions are a good credit score and a high monthly income. Such requirements have made it difficult for low-income earners to afford solar panels. PosiGen has come to the rescue of low-income earners. It has availed solar panels to all regardless of their revenue or credit scores. Qualifying for a non-FICO-based lease from PosiGen is pretty straightforward. PosiGen focuses more on how much their customers can save by acquiring a solar panel. 


Their interest is never on a customer’s average income or credit score. PosiGen solar power company conducts pre-feasibility studies on each client. These studies help them estimate how much customers can save by using solar energy services provided by the company. Their primary concern lies in a client’s past expenditure. If a customer’s energy bills are low, solar might not help them save any significant amount. PosiGen also considers how much solar a customer’s rooftop can generate. If the roof is in a forested area, it might not generate enough solar energy. PosiGen doesn’t focus on making more cash but more on saving its customers money. 


With the help of PosiGen’s non-FICO-based lease, more homeowners have shifted to solar energy. To qualify for the lease, you must be spending unusually high on electricity. Your roof must also have the capability of producing enough solar energy for your home. After qualifying for the lease, PosiGen helps you take care of everything. They gather permits and carry out the installations. Unlike electricity bills that keep rising, solar energy comes with fixed monthly charges. A customer who qualifies for the lease gets to pay the exact monthly fees for over 20 years.