Randy Douthit, the chief producer of a courtroom series that is the talk of town

Randy Douthit The creators of IMD’s courtroom TV series Judy Sheindlins, which will air November 1, want to inform their fans that it is a new show and will not be anything like the old program. The chief film producer Randy Douthit has therefore appointed a new professional Bailiff, Kevin Rasco in place of former Petri-Hawkins-Byrd.

Despite the fact that the premise of the show has remained the same – Sheindlin pursues petty business – everything about “Judy Justice” has been revamped, from the script to the episode format to Sheindlin’s case count. According to co-executive director Amy Freisleben, the redesigned chamber features a distinct wood hue, marble columns, and installed screens. It looks like a modern courthouse in any major metropolis.

Randy DouthitThe screens are especially significant since visual evidence has become more common in the 20 years that “Judge Judy “taught the average audience everything from leash rules to the merits of avoiding roommates. Randy Douthit and Freislebin saw those adjustments as they formally were part of Judge Judy project. In addition to camera doorbells and other surveillance cameras, people now has the opportunity to record their fights on their cellphones. “Choices can be definitive since there is proof,” Douthit says, if such evidence is acknowledged.

Apart from being part of Judge Judy, Randy Douthit has worked in other projects such as being the chief creative director of Crossfire, the flagship program of CNN when the channel was still in its infancy. In 1985, Randy Douthit wrote, co-produced, and headed Larry King Live, a Peabody Award-winning production